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The Left-handed Woodworker

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    Granville Island Broom Company (New tool of the week; polissoir)

      While visiting Granville Island, we stumbled across an old world broom shop, something I’ve never seen in real life but have read about and watched videos online of how they make brooms, so I…
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    Granville Island

    We recently took a trip to the coast so Westley could meet a bunch of his relatives and so we could be with Kyla’s family on Family Day. We got the chance to spend one…
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    New Tool of the Week; “Left Handed File”

    This week’s installment of New Tool of the Week is left hand friendly, and has a useful tip to left handed cabinetmakers, so here we go. As far as my limited knowledge goes, there is…
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    (New) Tool of the Week; Tape Measure

    My trusty Lufkin tape measure that lasted through most of my decade long career as a sign maker is off to the shelf of broken tools. The measurements are 1.5mm off and in the custom…